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Founder & Owner


Over 7 years of professional Real Estate Photography experience.



Second set of eyes! Also helping with business process.



Our master editor and photoshop expert!

It started with Alex

"I loved business and photography, so I decided to mix the 2 together! Here I am 10 years later shooting Real Estate full time while enjoying life with my beautiful Wife, my son Lucas and my youngest son, Charlie"

Established in 2012

I grew up loving photography and cameras. When I was 17, I pulled things together and bought my very first "Nice" camera. That same year I started shooting weddings and portraits. I loved it and did very well for myself. As much as I liked it, I didn't love it. So I decided to try something different.

I heard of some guys doing Real Estate Photography and thought that it sounded awesome. Luckily I found a Realtor in my area that gave me a try. Her name is Eva Carper. I'll always remember her as she was the first one that gave me the chance and opportunity to shoot all her listings.

12 years later, I've worked on over 6,000 projects and we currently average over 1200 homes per year. I love what I do and I don't plan on quitting.

Washington Roots. Florida Stationed.

Vuzario was established in 2012 by Alex - He mixed his passion for photography and love for business and founded Vuzario to offer Real Estate Photography. Since 2012, Alex has been shooting Real Estate full time and has grown the business to offer a complete line of Real Estate services.

Alex is now married to his beautiful Wife Anna and are now working together everywhere and anywhere Agents need them in the beautiful state of Florida.

We've spent years on perfecting this trade and making it better for our clients. If you want professional photos, look no further. You'll get better service, better pricing and better results with Vuzario. We un-complicated the business by offering unlimited photos, simple pricing, online booking, one-stop-shop shopping and more. Give us a try and you'll see why over 400 agents choose Vuzario!