Terms and Conditions

When you place an order with Vuzario LLC, you are subject to certain terms and conditions. This page outlines the terms and conditions that you are subject to.

  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the photo shoot will be subject to a charge in the amount of $75. Some exceptions could be available depending on the situation.
  • We understand life happens, we can wait up to 15 minutes from the scheduled appointment time. If you’re a no show, we charge a $75 early cancellation/no show fee. We will always make an attempt to call and text you when we show up at the scheduled appointment time. But if we don’t hear from you and if it’s past 15 minutes, you’ll be subject to an automatic $75 fee.
  • We have options to select on our order form that indicate the size of the home, size of the property and listing price. Our pricing changes depending on the size of the home, size of the property and the listing price. If you select the wrong options on the order form, your invoice will be automatically updated to reflect the correct charge for our services. For example - You select that your listing is under 1 Million dollars when it's really listed between 1-2 Million - We will adjust the invoice to show the correct charge when we bill you.
  • Credit cards that were submitted into the order form will be charged the day of the photo shoot in the amount of the total services completed. If the services completed is different from the orders selected on the order form, the total will be adjusted accordingly. It's possible that not all of the services that you selected on the form were shown in the total at the end of the form since some services are subject to us getting to the home and seeing the situation.
  • You will be charged a fee of $75 if we will need to come back to the photo shoot for any reason outside of the photographers control.
  • If scheduling real estate photography, homes need to be in a photo ready condition for the photographer. That doesn't mean that we won't open blinds, remove and/or hide small items that we think should be hidden. Remember we are there as photographers, not as cleaners or stagers.
  • Due to scheduling, Photographers cannot wait for more than 20 minutes at the scheduled appointment time for the home to be cleaned, staged or prepared for the photographer. 20 minutes is our buffer time, that's the time available for things that you would like to do at the home that is outside of our control.
  • All sunset shoots are subject to permitting weather. The day of the sunset shoot, at 3pm, we'll check the weather using Weather.com - If the chance of rain is at or greater than 50% 1 hour before, at and 1 hour after sunset, we won't be able to shoot that day.
  • All photography sessions are weather permitting. We will always check the weather prior to arriving at the scheduled photography session. We will check the weather (using the weather channel and the city in which the home is located in) 2 hours prior to the photography session - If the chance of rain is greater than 50%, we will text and call you letting you know that the weather isn't looking great. We might suggest rescheduling. If you won't want to reschedule and will still want to have us come out to the home, you will be subject to revisit fees if you later decide that you don't want to shoot that day and would rather shoot the next available day.
  • We are able to photograph homes in any condition. It doesn't matter how clean or dirty the home is for us. When we arrive on location to a scheduled photography session we will do a quick walk-through in the home to check and see if the home is up to our standards. If the home isn't up to our standards, we will quietly let you know our opinion. If you want to reschedule at that point, there would be a revisit fee of a minimum of $50 depending on the location. However, if you want us to continue to shoot as is, we will do so. We will not be able to wait more than 20 minutes for whatever you'd like to be done. Homes need to be ready and in a photo ready state when we arrive.
  • Scheduling online does not guarantee availability. This is simply a request for a certain date or time. If you are flexible in when we are able to shoot, checking in with us first isn't necessary. You can place the order, if we have that day and time available we will schedule you for then. If not, we will call or text to reschedule.
  • When you call or text us asking about availability on a certain day and time, we will hold that date and time for up to 24 hours from the time that you called asking about our schedule. After the 24 hours, that day or time slot may be given to someone else if an order wasn't placed within that 24 hour timeframe.
  • If a refund has been issued and or requested, understand that it may take up to 10 business days for the funds to arrive back to your payment method. This is outside of our control and in control of the banks.